Thursday, June 29, 2017

Married in Montana (Paradise Valley Ranch Book 2) by Jane Porter

Beautiful, spirited, Texas born Ellie Burnett needs a husband. Fast. Her father, rancher Archibald Burnett, is dying, and she’s determined to marry to protect the ranch and preserve her father’s legacy in Montana’s rugged Paradise Valley. The trouble is, she wants to wear the boots in the family and the man she has in mind, Irishman Thomas Sheenan would never stand for that.

Independent and taciturn Thomas Sheenan isn’t looking for a wife, having spent far too much of his life taking care of others. He’s come to Montana to carve out his own identity, and be his own man. The last thing he needs is a headstrong bride, but when Ellie approaches him with the offer of a lifetime, he can’t refuse.

Thomas didn’t anticipate falling for his new bride. He moved to Montana to stake his claim…he never planned on losing his heart.

Paradise Valley Ranch series
Book 1: Away in Montana
Book 2: Married in Montana
Book 3: Home in Montana - coming soon - Winter 2018

My Review: 

A beautifully written marriage of convenience story.

If you have read any of Montana Born Books' Marietta based books, you will recognize the name Sheenan.  This is the story of the first Sheenan to move to Montana in 1890.

Ellie Burnett's father was going to pass away soon and she needed a husband to help take care of their ranch.  By marrying Thomas Sheenan, she could keep the ranch, in return Thomas would also get what he wants, wealth.

Thomas didn't want a relationship.  He didn't want to be married or have a family.  When he left Ireland to start a new life, it didn't include settling down.  Ellie found Thomas to be attractive, but very stubborn and controlling.  But through their ups and downs, they found a way to fall in love.

I really enjoyed learning more about Marietta in the early days and found Ellie and Thomas's story to be enjoyable.  I liked how they were both stubborn and set in their ways, but when it came down to it, they were there for each other, especially when Thomas was trying to pull Ellie out of mourning for her father and back to enjoying life again.


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