Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Review: Tempt Me Please, Cowboy (The 85th Copper Mountain Rodeo Book 2) by Megan Crane


Five years ago, when Sydney Campbell came through Marietta on her way to the big Grey family Christmas, she ran into newcomer Jackson Flint in Grey’s Saloon. Directly into him.

In Montana to build some bridges with his older, billionaire half-brothers, Jackson didn’t plan to stay. Sydney was just visiting family from her high-stakes life in D.C. For one night they lit each other on fire, kissed goodbye, and never thought they’d see the other again.

But Jackson built more than bridges and put down roots. And just about every holiday, he’s watched Sydney turn up in town. The fire that always blazes between them gets hotter every visit, but this time is different. This fall, Sydney decides to stay a while. With the 85th Copper Mountain Rodeo taking Marietta by storm, Jackson knows this is the chance he’s been waiting for.

And he means to take it—if he can convince the only woman he’s ever wanted that there’s more freedom in loving him than letting go.


My Review:

An emotional journey to happily ever after.

This book is an unforgettable romance with characters that were good for each other, but just didn’t realize it.  Jackson has been in love with Sydney for years.  But Sydney never spent more than a few days in Marietta before returning to her demanding job in Washington DC.  Sydney avoided commitment because she believed in a family curse.  But this time Jackson is determined to win Sydney’s heart no matter what it takes. 

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