Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Review: Four Silences Broken (The Secrets of Hartwell, #3) by H.L. Marsay


Welcome to Hartwell, a village full of cobbled streets, ancient curses and hidden secrets.

As the village prepares for Christmas, friends Lucy, Rachel, Meera, and Jo try to put the shocking events of the summer behind them. Though some secrets, it seems, refuse to remain silent.

Lady Lucy Hanley’s confidence has been boosted by making a success of her inherited estate and falling in love again, though ghosts from her past still threaten her. Rachel Foxton is finally happy and active in village life again, but is worried the person closest to her might destroy all her hard work and progress. Dr. Meera Kumar’s dream wedding is approaching, yet not everyone in her extended family is happy for her or wishing her well. And a trip to London and some unexpected news turns former detective Jo Ormond’s world upside down, forcing her to rethink her plans for the future.

As the year draws to a close, can the four women finally unravel the last of Hartwell’s secrets and move forward—together or apart?


My Review:

A perfect addition to the Secrets of Hartwell series.

Set in the picturesque English town of Hartwell, four friends, Lucy, Rachel, Meera and Jo, have grown even closer in this book.  I enjoyed seeing how their lives have evolved since the first book.  It’s like catching up with old friends.  There is more drama to unfold, life changes, love and one big mystery is finally solved.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  I suggest reading these books in order, as each one is a continuation of the previous book. 


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