Thursday, March 23, 2023

Review: A Sprinkle of Spring (Silver Falls Book 4) by Melissa McClone

She’s finally put down solid roots, but his are far away…

L.A.-based surgeon Flynn Andrews may be arrogant and overprotective, but he’ll do anything for his family. When his pregnant sister asks him to be her baby’s godfather, Flynn's touched. Though he’s unhappy that the godmother will be his sister’s best friend and employee, Anna Kent. Flynn doesn’t trust her. Anna’s sunshine attitude and easy smiles must be an act.

Dog groomer Anna Kent dreams of falling in love and living happily ever after. She cherishes the life she’s built in the small town of Silver Falls, a world away from her painful childhood, but she’s missing a life partner. Her overly hyper dog, three spoiled cats, and two rescue fosters don't count. Anna can’t wait to be a godparent, but she’s not thrilled to share the honor with grumpy Flynn.

He doesn’t like her. She’s not impressed with him. Somehow, they'll have to find a way to plan a baby shower together. But as unexpected feelings spark and tensions escalate, the party might be the least of their problems.
My Review:

Falling for her best friend’s brother.

Anna Kent did not like her best friend’s brother, Dr Flynn Andrews.  She considered him to be arrogant.  When they are both thrown in together to plan a baby shower and Anna ends up doing all the work, she really starts to despise him.  But what happens next could change it all.  Anna gets injured and Flynn is the one to stay at her house and help her recover.  Anna soon changes her mind about Flynn.  She started to see the good side of him.   Will it be enough to build a relationship on?

This was a fun quick read.  I liked revisiting the small town of Silver Falls and catching up with the characters from previous books were up to now and seeing how Anna and Flynn’s story would turn out.  I liked seeing how they went from enemies to lovers.  This is a great addition to the Silver Falls series.     


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