Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Review: Texas Christmas Magic (The Rossis of Whiskey River #3) by Katherine Garbera

Sometimes a fresh start requires a Christmas miracle…

Angelica Rossi moved to Whiskey River, Texas, for a true second chance. As Christmas approaches, she’s ready to rebuild her reputation and help her community by launching a nonprofit aimed at providing resources to the town’s underserved residents. To pull off this miracle, she’ll need to grab the attention of billionaire Max Parrish who’s offering business grants. How? By crashing his holiday party.

Max Parrish is a successful entrepreneur who prides himself on seeing through people’s characters and ulterior motives. When Angelica approaches him during his business Christmas party, he knows she’s not on his carefully curated guest list. Still, he lets her make her pitch. Her beauty and confidence intrigue him, and her proposal is nearly as tempting as she is. Max knows firsthand how important second chances are, so he agrees to fund Angelica’s grant with strings…him.

Max and Angelica find themselves collaborating over her business plan during the town’s festive holiday traditions. But Max has been fooled before. Will Angelica’s good intentions last beyond the holiday?


My Review:

A beautiful Christmas miracle.

When Angelica and her cousin crashed Max Parish’s party, she never expected more than gaining his help backing her charity project in The Barrels, Whiskey River’s low-income area.  She never expected to start dating Max; much less, fall in love with him.

Max is a business man.  His work was all over the country.  He didn’t plan on staying in Texas, but he never met anyone like Angelica.  His plan was to set up his next project and then head back to New York after Christmas.  But he couldn’t get Angelica out of his mind.  Will the magic of the season lead Angelica and Max to their happiness they both deserve? 

It was easy to get caught up in this story.  I enjoyed seeing how Angelica and Max we’re about to move past their painful pasts and learn to trust each other so they could fall in love.


  1. i love her books. your review is very nice. adding to my tbr list.

  2. I really want to read this story.

    1. I hope you get to read it soon. It is really good.