Thursday, August 18, 2022

Review: The Last Casterglass (Keeping Up with the Penryns #4) by Kate Hewitt

He dreams of saving his ancestral home. She longs to escape hers.

Persephone is the youngest Penryn, and she’s always felt like an afterthought. As her siblings ventured out one by one, she was left behind, learning to rely on herself. Now that they’ve all returned and are on a mission to save their home, she’s reluctantly falling in with their plans and keeping her distance, especially when an Oxford-educated intern arrives wanting to learn how to save one’s ancestral home.

Oliver Belhaven has come to Casterglass to prove to his uncle that he can make Pembury a financial success, so the only home Oliver has ever had isn’t sold. He is intrigued by the beautiful and mercurial Seph and senses a kindred spirit—alone even around family.

Oliver may be charming, but under her surly facade Seph is afraid to get close to anyone. Yet the longer Oliver works at Casterglass, the more invested he becomes—in Seph and in saving his home. But will achieving one dream mean that he has to let go of another? And can Seph finally learn to let go—and love?


My Review:

The perfect ending for this series.

Socially awkward and private, Persephone “Seph” Penryn, finally finds love with Oliver Belhaven, the new intern at Casterglass Castle.  Oliver is trying to learn everything he can, so he can return to Pembury Farm, where he grew up, and make it as successful at Casterglass Castle.  Oliver’s uncle, who raised Oliver, wants to sell their home, but Oliver wants to save it.  So when he heard about Casterglass, Oliver knew it would be the perfect place to learn how to turn a home into a tourist attraction, in order to help pay for the upkeep of it.

Throughout the series, Seph has appeared to be the loner of the family.  She was born after the rest of her siblings were already away from home and living their lives.  She had dreams of living her own life and traveling, but hadn’t done anything yet.

Neither Seph or Oliver ever imagined they would fall in love, but they did.  I was so happy to see Seph find her happily ever after.  I will be sad seeing this series end, but I couldn’t ask for a better ending.


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