Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Review: Cut to the Chase (Matched, #3) by Amy Kathryn Jones


She has one last shot at her fairy tale ending...

It’s time for fan favorite Cassie Monroe to sign on the dotted line and become the star of the hit reality show Matched, where a Panel of family and friends help determine the star’s happy ending. Except Cassie’s Panel member search has reached a dead end. Until her family-friend-turned-nemesis Dr. Nick Morgan, in an attempt to talk her out of doing the show, offers to drive her to L.A.

Things heat up when one wrong turn throws the entire trip off schedule. Cassie gets to know the Nick behind the smirk and snark and, to her dismay, discovers another side of him—a side she likes. Yes, he’s rational and rigid, but he has an alluring warmth, and he kisses like no man she’s ever known.

Nick and Cassie don’t check any of the others’ boxes, but these longtime haters are somehow falling in love. As the opt-out deadline nears, Cassie will only have a few days to decide if she should risk her new feelings on a relationship that won’t come with Matched’s famous guarantee.
My Review: 
An unexpected turn of events leads to love.
With their mothers being best friends, Cassie and Nick practically grew up together.  They really weren’t friends, they just tolerated each other.  But when they get lost, during the drive from Arizona to Los Angeles, where Cassie is about to go on a reality show to find love, Nick demands they stop for a few hours of sleep.  Cassie convinces Nick to go to a bar, for a couple drinks, which leads to many more and they end the night in bed together.  Was love in their future all along?  Or, will Cassie continue her journey of finding love on tv? 

His book was so good. I have loved all of the books in the Matched series, but this is my favorite.  Cassie and Nick had so much to work through the to get their happy ending.



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