Thursday, January 6, 2022

Review: A Nanny for Christmas by Lenora Worth

A winter wonderland provides the perfect holiday setting—but only if they can find a way to unwrap their hearts.

When event planner Kara Benton walks into her latest client’s home and is mistaken for the new nanny, she impulsively says yes. Kara’s determined to elevate her career, and saving a high profile holiday party just weeks before Christmas is the perfect solution. Suddenly she’s saddled with two adorable kids, one excited dog, and a huge dilemma: can she pull off both jobs?

Widower Richard Westfield may be a whiz at designing top-of-the-line security technology, but he’s flummoxed as to how to protect his kids and his heart from taking another emotional hit. He strikes a deal with Kara: she’ll work her organizational magic if he’ll make an effort to find his footing as a father again.

But as they team up to return the Christmas spirit to his Colorado mountain chateau, sparks fly and Kara realizes she needs to let go of her own pain to embrace the love she’s beginning to feel in her heart.


My Review:

A sweet holiday romance.

This book was so good.  It reminded me of a Hallmark TV movie.  It had all the elements I have come to expect from a holiday romance.  There was a career driven hero and heroine, a single dad raising his cute children, but needing a little extra help, a scene stealing dog, and a meddling mother, who just wanted her son to live and love again.  All this was set in a beautiful estate in a snowy village at Christmas.  The story was written in a way, where I felt I was right there.  I could easily visualize the scenes as they played out. 


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