Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Review: V is for Valentine (Holly, Idaho, #3) by Jeannie Watt


Three weeks to win her heart…

Investment banker Felicity Evans returns home to Holly, Idaho, to answer her injured father’s SOS. He needs her to help him meet his construction deadline on a historic property by Valentine’s Day. Felicity swings a mean hammer, but her life is in Seattle and she’s leaving as soon as the project is finished. One problem with her quick escape plan? Danny Montgomery. Years after moving away, he still complicates her life despite her many efforts to forget him.

For as long as Danny Montgomery can remember, Felicity Evans—Felix to him—has tied his heart in knots. She’s spent years avoiding him after their childhood rivalry, but, short on help, has no choice but to hire him to help her finish renovations on a keystone project for her father. This time, Danny won’t let her ignore her true feelings.

He has until Valentine’s Day to make her his. Can he convince Felix to give them one more chance and prove they’re a perfect match?


My Review:

From friends to lovers.

When Felicity Evans returned to Holly, Idaho, to help her father on a restoration project, while he heals from an injury, she never expected to be working along side her neighbor and nemesis, Danny Montgomery.  Working together, they start reminiscing about the past and talking about life.  Then they share a kiss; one that neither one can forget.  With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, and it being a day of bad memories for Felicity, will Felicity be able to move on from the past to a happy future with Danny?

I enjoyed this book so much that I didn’t want it to end.  I sure hope we will get to revisit Holly, Idaho, again.  It was fun watching Felicity and Danny fall for each other, even though Felicity was afraid to love and a bit set in her ways and didn’t want to change.  I also liked catching up with the rest of the characters from previous books. 

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