Thursday, December 10, 2020

Review: Confessions of an Angel Cat by Nic Tatano

Meet Murphy, an Angel Cat. An actual Guardian Angel in the form of a cat.

No, seriously.

Guardian Angels take different forms on Earth, but in the case of Angel Cats, they’re sent on missions to fix broken lives. And while doing so, they strive to achieve a “heart lock” with a human, a bond so strong it will last forever. Their reward is to spend eternity in Heaven with their special person.

Alas, Murphy has failed several times and is beginning to wonder if he’s cut out for the job.

But when he’s assigned to Maggie Ryan, a seriously ill teenage girl who is ready to give up, he begins to see the proverbial bright light.

Will he be able to turn Maggie’s life around, and, in doing so, achieve the heart lock he so desperately wants?


My Review:

Sweet and sentimental.

I could get enough of Murphy, the angel cat, who was sent to help a young girl, Maggie, who had a terminal illness and had given up on life. 

The love Maggie and Murphy shared and the encouragement Murphy gave Maggie had me tearing up many times through the book.  I would recommend this book to anyone who loves cats or just looking for an inspiring story to read.

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