Thursday, December 6, 2018

Review: Not Christmas Without You (Love on Chance Avenue Book 4) by Jane Porter

She's swearing off men, but the rules don't apply to him.

Charity Wright has a history of picking the wrong guys and has decided to swear off men for the month of December – no dates, no kisses, no holiday romance. Great idea, in theory, until she meets the man that could be her Mr. Right: Marietta native and professional baseball player Quinn.

Just out of a long-term relationship, Quinn Douglas isn’t looking for love at the Little Teton Resort, and he certainly isn’t interested in a girl from home. But now that he's met Charity, he can't get her out of his mind. Charity even has him re-thinking his career and life on the road. Is Charity the missing piece he's been looking for?

My Review: 

A beautifully written romance that I won’t soon forget.

When Charity Wright went to Little Teton Resort in Wyoming, in her friend’s place, she had no idea she would meet the man she was destined to be with.  Charity‘s last relationship ended badly and she had given up on men.  She was only looking for someone to talk to while she was at the resort.

Quinn Douglas was at Little Teton Resort to see if it was worth investing in.  He used a different name and profession because he didn’t want everyone to know he was a popular baseball player with the Seattle Mariners.  

When Charity and Quinn met, under assumed names, they formed an instant friendship where they shared a lot of personal things with each other.  In the end, they shared an unforgettable kiss.  When the weekend was over, Charity headed back to Marietta without saying goodbye to Quinn.  Charity told Quinn that she lived in Marietta during one of their talks, so he went there looking for her.  Quinn also grew up in Marietta, but didn’t know Charity.  The shock came when they met again and Charity found out who Quinn really was and Quinn found out Charity used her friend Tricia’s name while at the resort.  Charity and Quinn were total opposites. Charity grew up in a struggling family with an alcoholic father.  Quinn was popular and loved by everyone in town.  But, Quinn didn’t care about Charity’s past or upbringing.  He had fallen for her and he was willing to do anything to win her over.  He just needed to convince her that she was worthy of his love and attention. 

This book is hard for me to review without giving away too many details.  But I can say, my heart went out to Charity with everything she had gone through and how she was afraid to fall in love with Quinn.  Quinn’s tragic past is something that was visited in previous Marietta books, but it is told again in this story.  Even though this is fiction, I still couldn’t help thinking how a person would overcome what he went through.  This book is easy to read and follow and not a detail was missed.  I felt I knew the characters well and enjoyed seeing them get their happily ever after.  This book is the perfect addition to the other Marietta books and a wonderful, feel good Christmas story. 

My favorite quote: 
“Because you make me happy.  Being with you makes me happy.  And as we both know, life can be hard, and there are no guarantees, so we have to make the most of every single day we’re given.” 

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