Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Review: Carrigan Christmas Reunion by CJ Carmichael

Wren’s most perfect Christmas ever is turning into a nightmare. The Carrigan family is in chaos with various medical issues, no one has put up the tree or done any Christmas baking. The only bright spot is Harris Quinby, a ranch hand at the Circle C, who manages to be there for Wren every time her family lets her down.

Harris Quinby has never forgotten the summer Wren spent on her grandfather’s ranch when she was fourteen and he was sixteen. She’d changed his life that month, and now he finally has the chance to thank her…but what if he falls in love with her instead?

Spend Christmas with the Carrigan family at the Circle C Ranch in Montana 

My Review: 

An emotional reunion.

All Wren Bishop wanted was to go home and spend time with her family.  She thought this would be the best Christmas ever.  It turned out to be anything but that.  Her family was plagued by illnesses and stress.  And, her Boyfriend decides not to join her as they had planned.  But, Wren did reunite with her old friend Harris Quinby, who still works at the ranch.   Wren had a huge crush on Harris when she was only 14.  He gave Wren her first kiss.  But Harris knew Wren was too young for him and backed away.  Neither of them had seen each other since then.  Now that they are both grown up, they just might have a chance at love.

This book is a short story, but it is packed with so much information, you would think it was a full length book.  Some authors just can’t get it right when they do short stories.  Information can be missing or the story feels rushed.  But, CJ Carmichael gets this right.  She didn’t miss anything.  I fully enjoyed the story and reuniting with some of my favorite characters from past books.  This is a hard book to review without giving away too many details, so I will keep it short.  All I have to say is if you have read any of the books in the Carrigans of Circle C or saw the Hallmark Channel’s version of A Bramble House Christmas, you’ll want to read this book. 

Carrigan Christmas Reunion is currently only available in e-book through Tule Publishing.

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