Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Review: Christmas Comes to Snowfall Kindle Edition by Erika Marks

Christmas with the confirmed bachelor...

Quaint Christmas or quirky vacation? Newcomer Maggie Iverson comes to the small resort town of Snowfall, Vermont, for a one-week repreive from her high-powered marketing job in Boston. She's designing a new website to boost tourism traffic (both virtual and foot) to Snowfall for the holidays. She enthusiastically throws herself into all things Christmas, but deftly dodges each match-making hint.

Long-time bachelor and veterinarian Alden Marshall has never embraced the holiday season, but when he meets Maggie, their chemistry is powerful enough to light up a dozen Christmas trees. Suddenly he finds himself immersed in the town’s merry-making with Maggie by his side. Will the magic of Christmas cast the spell Maggie and Alden need to let go of their pasts and finally find a love that lasts?

My Review: 

A sweet fast -paced holiday romance.

Maggie Iverson is workaholic who is hired to design a website for the town of Snowfall, Vermont, where the snow has fallen every Christmas since 1917.  But this year, the town is worried there might not be any snow.  Maggie is anxious to get to work.  She doesn’t mind working through Christmas as she doesn’t have family or a boyfriend to spend time with.

Alden Marshall moved to Snowfall three years ago to open his veterinary clinic.  Most of Snowfall’s residents haven’t warmed up to Alden because they believe Alden’s great-grandfather cursed the town when he broke the heart of a baker.  Every year everyone makes gingerbread men to hang on a Christmas tree in hopes of snowfall for Christmas day.

As Maggie starts to learn more about Snowfall and the people who live there, she really begins to enjoy herself, especially the time she spends with Alden.  The last thing on Maggie and Alden’s minds is a relationship, but that doesn’t stop the town matchmaker, Ezzie, from trying to hook them up.  Maybe it’s Ezzie’s work or maybe it’s just a little bit of Christmas magic that brings them together. 

I really enjoyed this book.  I would have loved for the story to have been longer, but there was a lot of information and entertainment packed into the pages.  I especially liked the tubing scene and Maggie’s flavor meditation.

My favorite quote in the book is:

“Her last three relationships broke up around Christmas so she’s decided not to date during the holidays anymore”  “Hey, that’s great!”  Randy’s eyes grew with his grin.  “Her bad luck and your curse?  You’re perfect for each other!” 


  1. This sounds good. I read Erika's other Christmas story and really liked it.

    1. She does write some really good books. Did you ever read A Very Married Christmas? That one is very close to my heart as she wrote Pono into the story.

    2. I don't think so. That's really sweet.

    3. She described him exactly as I described him to her too. His role was first mate on a boat and the boat was called Pono's Palace.