Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Hotel Hookup: Austin by Annabelle Snow - Review

Bridesmaid Amaree Lowell attends her long-time friend Whitney's engagement luncheon in downtown Austin to celebrate and help plan the wedding. Little does Amaree know, she is about to be paired with groomsman Evan, her former high school boyfriend whom she hasn't seen in eight years.

The chemistry still sizzles, with eight years only adding to Amaree's curves and Evan's sexual swagger. So when he invites her back to his room after the luncheon, she can't wait. The tryst eight years in the making may start with a slow burn behind closed doors, but it soon explodes as clothes are shed and boundaries are pushed.

With the wedding approaching and more events on the horizon, Amaree and Evan know they will be spending more time together. Will their chemistry flame out or will their passionate lust turn into more?

Get double the story and double the burn in the rest of the Hotel Hookup series.

The Hotel Hookup series
Book 1: Hotel Hookup: Austin
Book 2: Hotel Hookup: San Francisco
Book 3: Hotel Hookup: Chicago
Book 4: Hotel Hookup: Miami

My Review:

Just by reading the title, you know this book will be steamy.  It’s about a hookup; one night spent between Amaree and Evan, who used to date in high school and are reunited eight years later at their friends' engagement party. 

If you are looking a romantic tale that is wrapped up with a pretty bow, look the other way.  This book is for someone looking for a very hot quick read.   This is just the first book of a series and there is no real ending to the story.  I am hoping the last book will wrap up what happens to each couple in the end. 

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