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Review: She Brings Beauty To Me (The Medicine Man Book 4) by Karen Kay

 A woman deserted. A troubled warrior. A passion denied.

1855. When eighteen-year-old Czanna Fehér is forced to flee her home in Hungary, she journeys with her younger siblings and her father's manservant to Montana in search of her cousin. Mourning for her recently deceased parents, she sings a prayer to the grand, Montana mountains. From the first moment Stands Strong hears Czanna singing, he is transfixed. When he meets her, he is captivated as much by her dark beauty as he is by her voice.

But, after the family's hired guide steals their money and runs, her father's servant leaves Czanna to go and serve justice to the man, leaving Czanna desolate and in charge. Being of the gentry class in Hungary, Czanna knows she and her siblings cannot survive in this land without help. When Stands Strong comes to her aid, she realizes she must trust this man.

Lakota born, though raised by the Blackfeet, Stands Strong descends from a long line of medicine men, but this legacy seems to have skipped over him. Accepting this, he has become an expert scout. But, when Czanna attempts to hire Stands Strong as their guide, offering him the "evil gold rock" as payment, he suggests marriage to him instead. Czanna refuses him, even though the flame of love is burning heatedly in her heart.

Can two people from incompatible cultures ever come together? Or are their star-guided paths meant only to briefly cross?


My Review:

A beautifully written romance.

A beautiful story about Czanna and her siblings, who flee their homeland of Hungary, after the Hungarian Revolution, to the unknown Northwest Indian Country in America.  Along the way she meets Stands Strong, a Pikuni scout, who helps Czanna and her family make their way to her cousin’s camp. Along the way they fall in love.  This is a sweet and touching story.  As with every other book that I have read by Karen Kay, I found myself fully immersed in the story.  This book is well written, entertaining and vividly detailed. 


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