Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Review: Room for Suspicion (Cluttered Crime Mysteries #1) by Carol Light

It’s going to take more than carefully labeled boxes to sort through the clues of this homicide…

Professional organizer Crystal Ward knows she can make a success of her new business, Organizing Chicago. The extra income would allow her to renovate her own home, full of more cluttered spaces than she’d ever admit to her clients. But her life wasn’t always this disorganized. Five years ago her husband, Rick, a Chicago police detective, was shot while chasing a suspect. Now a paraplegic, he’s wary of her going into strangers’ homes…and for good reason.

When Crys discovers a dead man in a client’s living room, she refuses to accept that the murder is an open-and-shut case of domestic violence. If she can untangle this mess, she can prove her client’s innocence and ease Rick’s fears.

But the only witness to the murder is hospitalized in a catatonic state. And the lead detective is Rick’s former partner, the man Crys blames for his paralysis. Crys is on her own to save her client from jail and stop a murderer intent on tidying up loose ends.


My Review:

Exciting and unpredictable.

This is an intense book that was hard to put down.   Crys is just starting her new organizing company, when she walks into her client’s house, and comes across a crime scene.  One person dead and her client in a catatonic state.   Crys and her friend Maggie set out to find out who the killer is, even though her husband, a police officer, is totally against it.

This is the first book that I have read by this author and I am already hooked on her writing.  She created interesting characters and a plot that just kept me going with lots of twists and turns.  I look forward to reading the book in this series. 



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