Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Review: Someone Missing from Malapais Mountain (The Accidental Detective #4) by Kris Bock


It’s hard to walk away from the truth when you need a cane…

Former international war correspondent Kate Tessler had to trade her illustrious journalism career for her childhood bedroom after a brush with death almost took her leg. But when the editor of a local newspaper asks for her help, Kate is drawn back into her old world. A journalist covering a sprawling story of political corruption may have uncovered explosive new evidence, but she was run off the road in a hit-and-run accident. Gabriella, Kate’s mentee, has been injured and can only communicate by blinking yes or no to questions. Meanwhile, another reporter is missing.

The editor is short-staffed, with no one experienced enough to handle something this dangerous. Kate can never give up on the search for truth, so with her trusty senior sidekicks and new PI partner—her sister, Jen—Kate takes the case. Can a fifty-year-old journalist still recovering from a war injury survive the dangers of the Arizona desert long enough to catch a killer?
My Review:

An exciting mystery.

Journalist, Kate Tessler, is back living at her father’s house in Arizona while recovering from an injury she suffered in the Middle East.  After an investigation at the nursing home, where her mother resides, she has found herself becoming a bit of a detective.   Kate and her sister are once again hot on the trail of solving a crime.  This time it’s a journalist who is seriously injured after a car runs her off the road.  Her passenger is missing. 

I always enjoy reading about Kate and her team of family and friends who work together to solve crimes. They might not always play by the rules, but they can solve the crimes just as good as the police.  Even though this book, and the series, is a bit on the serious side with the nature of the crimes, you can still find lots of fun banter and witty dialogue in the stories.   

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