Thursday, December 1, 2022

Review: Home for Hanukkah ( Orchard Hill #4) by Rebecca Crowley

He’s looking for one last miracle...

Zach Strauss may be down, but he’s not out. His Bay Area biotech start-up has crashed, leaving him broke, but it’s only temporary until he can raise more money—or so he tells himself. Failure isn’t an option, and Zach’s always been able to sell anyone on anything. But back in his hometown, he finds himself in the unfamiliar position of needing a job.

After a childhood of instability, Noa Jacob purchased Second Chance, a thrift store-turned-boutique in Orchard Hill, and is determined to put down the roots she never had. Running her own business is more challenging than she’d imagined, and she’s in danger of losing it all—until a handsome stranger bursting with ideas walks in looking for work.

Noa only has ten days to turn Second Chance around, but Zach is confident that’s plenty. Together they create a successful Hanukkah Miracle Market that draws in families looking for something other than the Christmas cheer. But as the balance sheet ticks up, Noa wonders if instead of losing her business, she risks losing her heart.


My Review:

Hanukkah is a time for miracles.

This inspiring story is about Noa and Zach who form an unlikely partnership at Noa’s struggling shop, Second Chance.  With a little faith and Zach’s idea of a Hanukkah Night Market, they just might pull Noa’s shop out of debt and loosen the fear of closing down.  Zach is also able able to break down Noa’s protective walls, that she has built around herself, to gain her trust and love.

Zach returned to Orchard Hill, where he lived with his grandparents, after his biotech company goes under.  He doesn’t want anyone to know about his failure.  But when he gets to know Noa, he confides in her about it and the options he is facing about continuing his research on creating an Alzheimer’s drug.  Hanukkah magic is at work here, creating new paths and plans for these two amazing characters.

I enjoyed this book so much.  It had characters that I instantly liked and wanted the best for them.  I enjoyed seeing how they worked through their struggles, in their business and personal lives, and how they came to depend on each other and eventually fell in love. 


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