Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Review: Something Deadly on Desert Drive (The Accidental Detective #2) by Kris Bock


Starting over at fifty might be hard, but it shouldn’t be deadly…

Still recovering from an injury that might have permanently derailed her career as an international war correspondent, Kate Tessler is living in her childhood bedroom and pondering her second act when another case lands in her lap. Kate’s father and his coffee group are worried. Their friend Larry married a younger woman who now insists he has dementia and won’t let any of his friends visit. They’re convinced that Larry’s wife and her two adult, dead-beat kids are out to steal his money. Can Kate help?

Soon Kate and her unusual gang of sidekicks are unofficially, officially investigating. But before they can dig out the truth, a murder raises the stakes. Now they need to prove Larry is both mentally competent and not a killer. They’ll have to find the real murderer—without risking their own lives in the process.
My Review:

A fun and entertaining murder mystery.

After successfully investigating the suspicious deaths at the nursing home where her mother resides, Kate became known for newly discovered sleuthing skills.  This time, it’s one of Kate’s father’s friends who needs help solving his wife’s murder.  Everyone knows Larry is innocent, but it’s up to Kate and her team of friends and family to prove Larry’s innocence before someone else is killed or Larry goes to prison.

As with the previous book in The Accidental Detective series, I couldn’t figure out who the murderer was or their motive until I was close to the very end of the book; and even then, I wasn’t 100% sure.  It was fun reading the story and trying to figure out who the killer was this time.  I love the characters in this series and look forward to reading the next book in the series.  The author has a way of pulling you in from the very start and holding your attention until the last words are read.