Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Review: A Hard Yes (Misguided Masala Matchmaker #1) by Sinclair Jayne

Is it a love for the ages or just a season?

Rohan Kapoor is the golden boy of Charlotte. As a newly minted cardiothoracic surgeon with several prestigious job offers, potential brides eagerly line up when his parents—pillars in their Indian American community—hire a matchmaker. Even his favorite cousin Rani has a plan to divine his perfect match. But Rohan’s not looking for a bride, and then he takes a wrong turn, meeting a woman who changes the way he feels about everything.

After years of traveling and painting commissioned murals, artist Solei Beals wants to plant roots now that she’s been hired as a high school art teacher. She meets Rohan at an art festival, and the attraction sizzles. During the festival of Holi, Solei admits she’s fallen in love with a man who’s made it clear he’s not free to commit beyond spring.

As summer teases, Rohan’s family obligations and expectations create a barrier Solei’s not sure he’s willing to breach. And if Rohan’s not willing to fight for her or the life he says he wants, why should she?


My Review:

A great start to an amazing new series.   

You will love this big Indian American family.  They are fun and quirky and I just couldn’t get enough of them.

In this book we meet Rohan Kapoor (and I have to admit, I might have a slight crush on him).  He is the perfect man.  He is well dressed, a doctor and knows what he wants in life.  But he is afraid to go against what his parents expect of him; in this case, working at his father’s practice, a wife from a good Indian family, and children.  But Rohan doesn’t want to be matched with someone he doesn’t love.  He has found the woman of his dreams all on his own. The only problems is, she isn’t Indian and Rohan is afraid to introduce her to his family.

Solei Beals is living the life she wants.  She has finally made a name for herself in the urban art industry. People across the country want her to paint for them.  She is also a teacher.  When she meets Rohan, she swears she has never seen a more beautiful man.  But Solei has been hurt in the past and is leery of a relationship.  Throwing caution to the wind, she decides it’s time to give love another chance.  What Solei didn’t expect was to fall so hard for Rohan, and the fact that Rohan’s family has goals they set for him and they expect him to carry them out.  Now it’s up to Rohan and Solei to show his family how in love they are and that they are meant to be together.    


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