Monday, November 8, 2021

Review: A Santa Fe Christmas by Cecelia Guzman

With him, are her dreams more out of reach than ever?

Evie Hernandez gave up her dream job to help with Mama Irene’s, the family business. Balancing her modernization plans while respecting generations of traditions isn’t easy, especially with her nosy, loving family offering unsolicited advice. That’s never more true than when she meets Alex—Mr. Tall, Dark and Far Too Handsome. He makes her wonder if she’s given up on her dreams too quickly, and soon she imagines a much different future for herself.

Alejandro "Alex" Ortiz is in Santa Fe to do business with Mama Irene’s, but when he meets the beautiful Evie, he realizes he’ll need a different approach. Soon he’s playing bartender, serving up horchatas, and sampling tamales, reminding him of his childhood and beloved Abuelita. Charmed by Evie and her family, Alex drops his guard and lets himself enjoy Santa Fe’s Christmas traditions. But he has a deadline to keep and a business to get back to—plus, Evie will hate him when she learns why he’s really there.

Can the magic of a Santa Fe Christmas help these two find their way?


My Review:

The best Christmas gift is love.

Months after Evie returned to Santa Fe taking control of Mama Irene’s, her family’s tortilla and tamale factory, Evie finds out her grandmother wants to sell the company.  Evie can’t let that happen as the business has been in their family for over 100 years.  But the kicker is, Alex, the man Evie just met, is the one planning on buying Mama Irene’s.  Even though her heart flutters and she starts to think about dating again when she is around Alex, she just can’t let herself fall for him.  But Alex has different plans.  He is totally smitten with Evie and after spending time with her and her family, he knows how much Evie and her family love their business.  They will drop everything to help out when a big order comes in.  Alex just might have to come up with a different plan if he wants Evie and to save Mama Irene’s. 

This book had everything I was looking for in a Christmas romance.  Of course, there was the magic of the holiday, but the big, close-knit Hernandez family was what really made this book special.  I look forward to reading more from this author. 

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