Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Review: Risking It All (Willow Creek #3) by Shannon Stults

She’s never been one to stay in the same place for long…

Darby Watkins hasn’t been back to Willow Creek in years, and with good reason. But when an accident causes damage at the local equestrian center, what’s meant to be a quick visit turns into an indefinite stay while she works to pay back the owner. And as if that weren’t bad enough, she is also forced to work with Caleb Forester, the childhood best friend she hasn’t seen or spoken to since she abruptly left him and the small town behind.

Darby is determined to get out of Willow Creek and back on the road as soon as possible, but as she and Caleb rebuild their old friendship, feelings start to grow beyond the familiar and into something new and real and infinitely more terrifying that she’s sure will only lead to heartbreak.

Now Darby must choose between moving on and taking a chance on the one person who could finally be worth staying put for.

My Review:

A sweet tale about two old friends reuniting and falling in love.

The last place Darby Watkins wanted to be stuck was Willow Creek.  The town holds too many memories of her best friend, Caleb Forester, who she hasn’t spoken to in seven years.  Darby’s plan was to swoop into town and ask her cousin for a loan to pay off a guy who is tailing her and then move onto another town to start over.  But a car accident keeps Darby in town longer than expected when she has to work at the equestrian center to pay for the damage she caused.  As it turns out, Caleb is also working at the equestrian center and will be Darby’s supervisor. 

As Darby and Caleb reignite their friendship, they start to fall for each other.  But there are other factors in the mix and some just might ruin what they have started.  The ups and downs of a new relationship, lies and jealousies could ruin everything between Darby and Caleb. 

I have enjoyed Willow Creek series quite a bit and this book was a perfect addition to it.  A great storyline and lots of wonderful characters make this book one to remember. 

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