Thursday, November 1, 2018

Review: Christmas at First Creek Farm by Joss Wood

Closing in on thirty, Fia Price craves a new and more meaningful direction for her life. Walking away from her successful modeling career, she heads to Texas for the Christmas holidays to inspect a small ranch she and her brother's have recently inherited. Sorting through her great aunt’s bulging cottage gives Fia the time and space to consider a new career, but since her brothers want to sell the property, her time in Texas is limited. But when she meets Gib Donovan and his adorable young son, living in Texas suddenly becomes so much more attractive. And as they spend time together in the weeks leading up to Christmas, Fia discovers her new career but also finds herself wanting to say yes to so much more than a land sale—if she can find the courage to start a new, completely different life.

Sexy cowboy and rancher Gib Donovan wants to focus on his son and his ranch. Fia Price with her beauty, sparkle and sense of fun is making that near impossible. She’s waking up parts of him that he hoped would stay asleep forever. He doesn’t want to hope again. Or lust. Or trust. And he definitely thinks love is off the table, but with Fia, everything seems possible—a magical Christmas for his son, and a new future for them both.

My Review: 

A rich story with characters so realistic, you will feel you know them personally.  

When Fia Price quits modeling, she heads to Texas to the ranch she and her brothers inherited from their great-aunt.  She plans to spend time going through her aunt’s belongings and figuring out what she will do with the next chapter of her life.

Gib Donovan is a single father and ranch owner who is looking to acquire some more property.  That property just happens to be Fia’s Great-aunt’s.  Gib is content with his life and doesn’t want or need a woman in it.  But when he meets Fia, everything changes.  Or, was it the magic of the Christmas season working miracles on them both?

I really enjoyed the chemistry between Fia and Gib.  The story had everything I could ask for in a book, great characters, writing and the perfect romance.  I would recommend this book to anyone who loves small towns or cowboy romances.   



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    1. It was good. I have read a few Christmas books already and really enjoying them all. You'll see the reviews as they become available.