Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Review: A Cowboy to Keep (Canadays of Montana #4) by Barbara Ankrum

On the run from her past, photographer Ali Thibeaux arrives undercover in Marietta to find her biological half-sister. Plan A: Meet Olivia, photograph her wedding, and disappear before endangering anyone. Plan B: All hell breaks loose.

Reclusive rancher Adam Wolfe’s only plan when he hires Ali to manage his dysfunctional household is to go on hiding from the world. But his scars don’t seem to matter to the beauty who unexpectedly turns his house into a home and heals the rift between him and the teenaged niece he’s taken in. Still, he suspects there’s more to Ali than meets the eye and he’s determined to uncover what she’s hiding from him before it’s too late.

My Review:

Having spent the last couple years on the run, photographer Ali Thibeaux ends up in Marietta where her half-sister (who doesn’t know about her) lives.  When Ali needs some cash, she ends up pawning her camera.  When Ali finds out rancher Adam Wolfe bought her camera, she seeks him out in hopes he will sell it back to her. 

When Ali shows up at Adam’s ranch looking for her camera, he mistakes her as an applicant for the job of housekeeper and companion for his niece.  They strike up a deal, Ali takes the job in return she gets her camera.  In the end Ali and Adam needed each other as much more than they knew. 

I enjoyed this book.  The story pulled me in from the start.  I could tell the characters and plot were well thought out.  The story rolled along at a good pace.  Even though this book is part of a series, it can also be read on its own. 

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