Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Frost Family Christmas Anthology

I read each of these books a couple years ago and really enjoyed them.  And, right now you can get this set for FREE until November 13th on Amazon. 

A Frost Family Christmas Anthology


Three generations of the Frost Family come together to celebrate the holidays on their maple syrup farm in Carol Falls Vermont...only to be thrown into turmoil when a baby is found abandoned in their outdoor nativity scene. This anthology includes three connected romance stories involving the Frost family and the abandoned baby, plus a bonus short story.
WHAT CHILD IS THIS by C.J. Carmichael: When PR manager Lily Parker finds an abandoned baby in the nativity scene at work, her relationship with her boss, Garret Frost, becomes a lot more complicated.

HOME FOR CHRISTMAS by Roxy Boroughs: The past catches up with black sheep, James Frost, when he returns home for the holidays. His first love, April Rochester, is back in town, too. And all of James’ secrets – one of them involving the abandoned baby – are about to come tumbling down.

THE HOLLY & THE IVY by B. C. Deeks: Police Officer Joey Frost has her hands full this Christmas trying to find the mother of the abandoned baby, but Joey can handle it…until a snow storm blows her high school sweetheart, Noel “Fletch” Fletcher, back to town.

PLUS BONUS STORY, THE GIFT by C.J. Carmichael: What would you do if a child in need showed up at your door on Christmas Eve? Kindergarten teacher Amy Frost, and her deputy boyfriend, Gray Cassidy, never counted on this.
The series continues with:
Book 4: More Than A Feeling by C. J. Carmichael
Book 5: The Greatest Gift by Roxy Boroughs

My Review:
The Frost Family Christmas stories will inspire you and get you into the Christmas mood. Each story is well written and very entertaining.

What Child Is This by C.J. Carmichael
This was a sweet Christmas story that I really enjoyed.
Garret Frost has been running Frost Farms, his parents maple syrup business, since his father retired. He is still suffering the loss of his wife and puts all his effort into the family business while trying to raise his young son Duncan and living in his parent's home. He needs a bit of help in the office and hires Lily Parker as the public relations manager.
Lily is hiding a past about her divorce, what went wrong in her marriage and why she left New York City to live in a small town in Vermont.
When a newborn baby is left in the manger of the nativity scene during Frosty Frolics, the annual fundraiser to help needy families in town. A lot of questions are raised about who she belongs to and why she was dropped off there. Plus, questions are raised about why Lily became so emotional any time she is around the baby.
What Christmas miracle will bring Garret and Lily together?

Home For Christmas by Roxy Boroughs
James Frost is returning to his hometown of Carol Falls, Vermont. He had grown up here. Stolen his first kiss here and ran away as fast as he could, taking a lot of secrets with him. What his family and friends don't know is he's scouting for a location for a new Getalot store. Before heading to his family home, he decides to stop in town to watch the Holiday festivities in the middle of town. He watches the skaters on the ice rink and waits for the lighting of the Christmas tree. Then, he spots his former girlfriend April. He hasn't seen her in 10 years. She now has a young son. April has inherited her late grandfather's maple syrup farm. She has plans of fixing up the home and creating a school for autistic children, like her Liam. James wants to help her with her dream. But, will his job ruin everyone's dreams when the town finds out about his plans for the big box store. A store like that will hurt local businesses including his own family's. The mystery of baby Holly is still hanging around too. Local girl Heather tells James the baby is his. But, she she really? And, how does this effect the relationship that James and April are trying to get back?

The Holly & The Ivy by Brenda M. Collins
A wonderful story of rekindled love, mystery and family values.
Joey Frost didn't want to spend her life working at her family's maple syrup business. She decided to become a police officer in her small town of Carol Falls, Vermont. She enjoys what she does and is up for a promotion. She is out patrolling to streets one night during a snow storm when she comes across a stranded motorist who's car is stuck in a ditch. Little does she know it happens to be none other then her old crush Fletch. What is he doing back in town after leaving 10 years ago without even saying goodbye to her? He has been a military police officer in Afghanistan and his tour is finally up. He wants Joey back. He is back to try to convince Joey to move to Boston with him where he has accepted a position with the police department there. He has accepted a three month contract working for the police department and becomes Joey's partner. Joey still can't trust him after he broke her heart so bad back in school. Will Fletch be able to win her back? The mystery of baby Holly is solved in this book which give the series a great ending.

The Gift by C.J. Carmichael
This book isn't related to the first three, but is a great story on it's own.
A heartwarming and inspiring short story that proves there really is magic at Christmas time.
Amy Gold has always wanted children, but is unable to have any. She plans to leave her boyfriend, Gray Cassidy, because he deserves to have a loving family and lots of kids. On Christmas Eve a little girl shows up at Amy's house all dirty and obviously abused. She says her name is Dora. Amy will do anything to help this child. Following Dora's tiny footsteps, back to where Amy believes she came from While out, she sees the sheriff and his daughter Kirsten, who is psychic and just by seeing Dora, she is given the vision of what happened to her mother. The mystery is solved, but will Amy and Gray be able to work out their differences? And, what happens to little Dora?

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