Thursday, September 21, 2017

Review: Lie to Me (Between the Sheets Book 2) by Melinda Di Lorenzo

Undercover journalist Audrey Albertson has one job–get the scoop on Seattle’s most eligible ex-con. She's already completed step one–convincing Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome that she’s a fully functioning image consultant, who can provide him with a much needed man-makeover. Now, she just has to get to step two–get him to reveal his secrets. Of course, it would help if she could do it without falling straight into his arms.

Recently released felon Derek Stone needs a little help being perceived as something other than what he is, a man who stole a million dollars. His plan is simple: hire an image consultant. Have her make him into someone the world won’t hate. Reap the rewards without revealing the truth behind his crime. Letting the prim, sassy little blonde into his heart isn’t on the agenda.

As Audrey gets closer to Derek, she becomes positive that there is more to him than just his alleged criminal past. His walls might be high, but so is her motivation. Can she figure out his secrets before he figures out hers? Will the truth build a bridge between their hearts, or will it just tear them apart?

My Review: 

The second installment in the Between the Sheets series brings us Audrey Albertson, a journalist, who is undercover as an image consultant for Seattle’s most eligible ex-con Derek Stone.  Little did Audrey know, once her investigation was over, she would come away with more than just the story that she expected.

When I started reading this book, I knew I would like it from the blurb.  But I had no idea how much I would enjoy it.  I found myself laughing in different parts and wondering what could possibly happen next.  The author did a great job with Audrey and Derek’s story.  I wasn’t ready for it to end.   

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Review: A Cowboy to Keep (Canadays of Montana #4) by Barbara Ankrum

On the run from her past, photographer Ali Thibeaux arrives undercover in Marietta to find her biological half-sister. Plan A: Meet Olivia, photograph her wedding, and disappear before endangering anyone. Plan B: All hell breaks loose.

Reclusive rancher Adam Wolfe’s only plan when he hires Ali to manage his dysfunctional household is to go on hiding from the world. But his scars don’t seem to matter to the beauty who unexpectedly turns his house into a home and heals the rift between him and the teenaged niece he’s taken in. Still, he suspects there’s more to Ali than meets the eye and he’s determined to uncover what she’s hiding from him before it’s too late.

My Review:

Having spent the last couple years on the run, photographer Ali Thibeaux ends up in Marietta where her half-sister (who doesn’t know about her) lives.  When Ali needs some cash, she ends up pawning her camera.  When Ali finds out rancher Adam Wolfe bought her camera, she seeks him out in hopes he will sell it back to her. 

When Ali shows up at Adam’s ranch looking for her camera, he mistakes her as an applicant for the job of housekeeper and companion for his niece.  They strike up a deal, Ali takes the job in return she gets her camera.  In the end Ali and Adam needed each other as much more than they knew. 

I enjoyed this book.  The story pulled me in from the start.  I could tell the characters and plot were well thought out.  The story rolled along at a good pace.  Even though this book is part of a series, it can also be read on its own. 

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Review: Sweet Dreams Baby (Love at the Chocolate Shop Book 12) by CJ Carmichael

Three weeks ago, Portia Bishop mailed a letter to the father of her baby, Saddle Bronc rider Austin Bradshaw. It’s a letter she should have written a long time ago—like when she first found out she was pregnant, shortly after she ended things with Austin, dropped out of college, and went running to her family in Marietta, Montana.

Austin has loved Portia since he first laid his eyes on her in college. A year ago, he convinced her to do something impulsive and very romantic. Now, as he opens her letter, Austin has two reasons to return to Marietta–win back the heart of the woman he still loves and convince her he's a good bet for a forever man and father.

My Review:

It's hard to believe this is the last book in the Love at the Chocolate Shop series.  If you have read any of the books, you will recognize the name Portia Bishop throughout the series.  We finally learn Portia's story and what happened between her and the father of her son, Zavy. 

After a year, Portia finally decided to write a letter to Austin Bradshaw saying they needed to talk.  When they got together, Portia confessed her concerns about Austin being in the rodeo and how she didn't want to raise a child the way she was raised.  Her father was a rodeo cowboy and always on the road leaving her mother to raise their children on her own.  Once Austin found out he was a father, he wanted to be there for his son.  Besides, he already planned on leaving the rodeo and pursuing a job in Seattle.  As he spends time in Marietta getting to know his Zavy, he realizes what a special place Marietta really is and why Portia returned there.  Austin has mixed emotions about Portia and how she left him keeping her pregnancy a secret.  As Portia and Austin work together on a fundraiser, they rediscover the reasons they fell in love and just might have a second chance after all.

This was a wonderful story and the perfect ending for the series.  There is also a short epilogue at the end of this book that catches up on the rest of the characters in the series.  It's sad to see this series end, but I know we will be seeing more of the characters in future books.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Review: Second Chance Cowboy (Road to Romance #2) by Joanne Rock

Dancer Larissa Martine is ready to start over and Las Vegas seems like the perfect city for a shiny new beginning. But first, to honor her pact with her girlfriends, she wants to make a quick stop in Cheyenne, WY to make amends with her first love, the guy she left to chase her dreams of Broadway fame. Except rancher Matt Briggs isn’t nearly as interested in her regrets as he is in keeping her in town for his sister's wedding. It’s a request she can’t deny when his family takes up the cause to make her stay for just one more week, but it’s difficult to maintain her friends-only boundaries with a man who attracts her as much as ever.

After losing his father and inheriting the family ranch in addition to the one he’d bought on his own, Matt’s life is all about obligations. But Larissa’s unexpected arrival during the wedding mayhem is a bright spot he won’t ignore, even if that means tempting her into far more than just a dance. He figures one night with her will bring them both some peace with their past, which is all she said she wanted. But one night leaves Matt wanting a whole lot more and this time, he’s willing to gamble everything to make her stay.

My Review:

Eight years ago, Larissa Martine left Wyoming to follow her dream of becoming a dancer on Broadway.  She broke up with her boyfriend, Matt Briggs, by just leaving a note.   Matt never got over the way Larissa left. 

When Larissa’s dreams came to a crashing halt after an injury left her sidelined, she decided to try Las Vegas.  But before she could go to Las Vegas, she needed to fulfill a promise she made with her friends.  She needed to make a detour to Cheyenne and make amends with Matt for how she left him. 

Larissa may only be staying longer than she planned because Matt’s sister is getting married, but Matt doesn’t plan on letting her get away so easily this time.  Will Matt’s plan along with the help of his sister and grandmother be enough to change Larissa’s mind about leaving again? 

The chemistry between Larissa and Matt was off the charts.  The story was easy to visualize from the descriptions and moved along at a good pace.  The secondary characters really added to this story too.  This is the second in the Road to Romance series, but can definitely be read on its own. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Review: Troy (American Extreme Bull Riders Tour #5) by Amy Andrews

Cocky, young Aussie bull rider Troy Jensen has been busted down to the pro-circuit. He needs wins and points to get him back into the big league and a shot at being crowned champ but an injury forces him off the circuit and into the arms of the woman fate keeps putting in his path.

The first time local Doc Joss Garrity meets Troy, she’s brandishing a lug wrench. The second time, he’s dragging her delinquent teen son home. The third time, he’s in her ER. How he ends up convalescing at her house she’s not quite sure. But it does make it hard to ignore him and their simmering attraction.

As Troy gets to know Joss, he starts to see a life after bull riding for the first time. But can Joss risk her heart on another man who may not come home one day?

My Review:

Australian extreme bull rider, Troy seems to be everywhere when it came to Joss.  They first met when Joss had a flat tire on the side of the road and Troy stopped to help her.  Next, Troy caught Joss’s son trying to steal from his truck and brought him home (not knowing he was Joss’s son at the time).  But the time when Troy got hurt in the rodeo and ended up in the ER with Joss as his doctor, they finally got to know each other better. 

Troy was from out of town and didn’t have anyone to help him while he recovered from his injury, so Joss decided he could stay at her house.  That’s when the temptation started.  And it just escalated from there.  They couldn’t keep their eyes off each other at first.  Then they couldn’t keep their hands off each other.  But Joss fought her feelings for Troy thinking it wasn’t right because of their age difference and him always being on the road.  Troy kept trying to convince her to give in to what she was feeling.  A couple times I thought their love story wouldn’t happen.  But just when I started to have my doubts, the author surprised me with renewed hope for them. 

I liked how descriptive the scenes and characters’ backgrounds were.  The story was fast paced and kept me glued to the pages.  Normally I don’t really get into romance books with an older woman and younger guy.  But I heard some good things about this one and needed to see for myself how good the story really was.  I have to admit, I was impressed.  It is a fantastic love story.  And the age difference really wasn’t too drastic.  There are also a lot of steamy scenes in this story.