Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Book Girl's Guide to Marietta: Montana Born Reader Guide by Montana Born - Review

Love nothing more than snuggling up with a western or cowboy romance? You've found the best place to start! A Book Girl's Guide to Marietta includes everything a book girl needs to know about Tule Publishing's most popular town for love, Marietta, Montana.

Starting with an exclusive Forward by founding Tule author and USA Today Bestseller CJ Carmichael, you'll get insight to the history of Marietta, a map and guide to all of the key locations in town, an overview of every series and how their characters are connected, delicious recipes straight from the kitchens of Marietta residents, and much more!

Whether you've loved Marietta from the start, or are brand new to town, this guide is a must-have for every Marietta romance reader!

My Review:

I have been reading Montana Born’s books set in the fictional town of Marietta Montana from the start.  So when they came out with this book, I knew I had to get it.  It is the ultimate guide for anyone who enjoys the books.  I especially liked the map in the front.  It helps me visualize the locations when they are mentioned in a book.

The book also talks about the history of Marietta and backgrounds on the founding families.  It also lists series and little tidbits about each character in the books.  There is a section with recipes and a part with information the authors. 

I would definitely recommend getting this book if you have read (or even thinking about reading) any of the Marietta books.  I will definitely be referencing back to it as I read each of the upcoming books. 

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